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You Are Amazing Quotes That Will Empower You in 2020Reading time: 8 mins

you are amazing quotes

You are amazing quotes are a type of quote I never really thought about. When I learned of them, I thought it would be great to share for encouragement.

It’s always important to remind ourselves of our own value. It can help with our self-image and confidence.

Here are some “you are amazing” quotes to remind you how amazing you are.

53 You Are Amazing Quotes

1. “You are amazing, you are important, you are special, you are unique, you are precious, you are loved.” – Unknown

2. “In case no one has told you lately, you are amazing, strong, brave, wonderful, kind, loved, worthy, and there is no one like you. The world needs you.” – Unknown

3. “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing” – Unknown

4. “In case you have not been adequately informed, please consider this official notification that you are awesome.” – Unknown

5. “You are amazing simply for hanging in there and holding on, no matter how hard things get! And for moving forward no matter how scared you are or how anxious you feel. Yep, you are awesome.” – Karen Salmansohn

6. “If someone asked me to describe you in just 2 words, I’d say… simply amazing” – Unknown

7. “Never ever forget, even for one moment, how truly amazing you are.” – Unknown

8. “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Unknown

9. “Remember you are enough” – Anonymous

10. “You are the only version of you to ever exist in the universe. You are great, you are powerful, you are special”. – Anonymous

11. “This is your morning reminder that you are amazing and you can handle anything.” – Unknown

12. “You are amazing today just as you are.” – Unknown

You are amazing quotes for her

you are amazing quotes

13. “You’re amazing just the way you are”. – Bruno Mars

14. “No words can describe how amazing you make me feel.” – Unknown

15. “And, baby, you know this one fits you to a tee. One word. All I can say is amazing.” – Elliot Yamin

16. “You really are good enough, pretty enough, and strong enough.” – Al Carraway

17. “Just so you know, you’re pretty much the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” – Unknown

18. “You are unique and beautiful in your own way, believe it.” – Unknown

19. “You are more than awesome. Girl, you’re amazing” – Unknown

20. “You are amazing, you are caring, you are funny, you are just my sweetheart.” – Unknown

21. “Love yourself for the amazing person you are.” – Unknown

You’re amazing quotes for him

you're amazing quotes for her

22. “You are amazing, strong, brave, and wonderful. Remember that today” – Unknown

23. “You are stronger than the things that made you weak.” – Unknown

24. “They look at you and say, because of you, I didn’t give up.” – Unknown

25. “You are capable of amazing things.” – Unknown

You are amazing quotes for friends

how amazing you are

26. “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” – Margaret Mead

27. “You must know that you are great. Never forget that.” – Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

28. “Stop comparing yourself to other people, you’re supposed to be unique.” – Sonya Parker

29. “Sometimes I just wonder what I would have done without you.” – Unknown

30. “Your friendship means the world to me. Just wanted to let you know. ” – Unknown

31. “Thanks for being the shoulder I can always depend on.” – Unknown

32. “Whenever anything happens, the first thing I think of is telling you. That’s the sign of an awesome friend.” – Unknown

I think you are amazing quotes

remember you're amazing

33. “You are amazing just as you are. More beautiful than you can see, stranger than you feel, and more worthy than you will ever know.” – Unknown

34. “You are amazing. And the more you recognize that, the more wonderful, caring, compassionate, powerful, beautiful, attractive, giving, genuine, wise, open, receptive, loving, brilliant, strong, joyous, courageous, inspired, inspiring, amazing you become.” – Unknown

35. “If I could give you one thing, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you will truly understand how special you are. – Frida Kahlo

36. “You are amazing. Own that!” – Unknown

37. “You are amazing. (in case you needed a reminder)” – Unknown

38. “Be yourself, be proud, stand tall. You are amazing!” – Unknown

39. “You should never seek to be someone else, you are amazing.” – Unknown

40. “Always believe in yourself. You are amazing just the way you are.” – Unknown

41. “You are amazing with a side of sprinkles.” – Unknown

42. “Sorry to interrupt you, but I just thought you should know that you are amazing and deserve to be happy.” – Unknown

43. “You are amazing – yes it’s true.” – Anonymous

44. “One of the best things in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you are amazing” – Unknown

45. “You are amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities.” –Lailah Gifty Akita

46. “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. Because you are amazing.” – Unknown

What a great person you are quotes?

you guys are amazing quotes

47. “You are good, you are great, you are amazing.” – Unknown

48. “I just wanted to say that I think you are great.” – Unknown

49. “You are great, you are powerful, you are special.” – Unknown

What are some amazing quotes?

you are an amazing person quotes

50. “If you work hard and you are kind, amazing things will happen.” – Conan O’Brien

51. “You are capable of amazing things”. – Unknown

52. “You want to know who’s amazing, lovely, smart, and has a beautiful smile? Read the first word again.” – Unknown

53. “It’s amazing what you can do when you decide to do it.” – Lorii Meyers

Why it’s important to remind yourself you’re amazing?

Practicing positive self-talk can help you be more optimistic and productive in life. Athletes using phrases such as “I’m the greatest” is no accident.

They know the research that shows it can improve their athletic performance. A PsychologyToday article noted there’s a part of our brain that turns what we say about ourselves into our identity.

So for those of us who aren’t athletes, positive self-talk can benefit us too.

A Healthline article notes that self-talk can help reduce pain. decrease stress, and increase our life satisfaction. I wouldn’t be surprised if reading all of these quotes reminding you are amazing helped you feel a little better about yourself.

A study showed that most of the time our self-talk can be negative, so it is a challenge. Nonetheless, it is possible to have consistent positive self-talk.

I know for myself, I feel good too when I remind myself how amazing I am as a person. Make it habit to remind yourself of that daily, and see how it improves your life.

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you are amazing quotes

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  1. You are amazing because you always do the best you can do even though life is very hard.

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