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10 Minimalism Tips You Need to Follow in 2020Reading time: 6 mins

minimalism tips

It’s that time again. Another new year. The time so many of us try to start a new lifestyle. Well minimalism might be one of the best lifestyles to try your hand at. But you might not know where to start. So here are 10 minimalism tips you need to follow in 2020

Tips on Becoming a Minimalist


1. Organize your room

Your room should be a space that calms and relaxes you. It’s your refuge away from the stresses of the world. But it can’t be that if it’s messy. A mess only reminds you of how much stuff you have to do.

That’s not the kind of feeling your room should give you. Make it your resolution to decide to organize your room, and make it your relaxing getaway. Check out my minimalism tips for decluttering.

2. Throw out old things

As the saying goes, in with the new, out with the old. Every item has a time and a place in our lives. They provide meaning and joy for a specific season.

But sometimes, it’s just time to let go. Because life is about moving forward. Creating new memories. Building up new experiences to have as a part of your memories throughout life.

It may seem difficult to throw out that item you haven’t used in a while at first. But there’s a lot of new experiences and new joys you’ll make room for when you let go of the old items, and let in some new ones.

3. Learn a new skill

Studies have shown that learning new skills helps keep the brain young. It slows down cognitive decline as we get older. Not to mention, when you do different things in life, it’s said to increase your happiness too.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? What would be cool to say you learned how to do? Consider finding time to learn that new skill. It’ll accomplish three things for you.

It’ll make you more useful, it’ll make you more interesting to people, and it’ll give you new joy in life

4. Have a new experience

This is similar to the last minimalism tip, but instead of gaining a new skill, focus on just trying something new. Maybe you can go on a trip to a new town, or maybe try out a new restaurant.

Life can get pretty boring sometimes. It’s nice to just shake things up and give yourself a new adventure every once in awhile. Make it a point in 2020 to really experience what the world has to offer.

5. Cut back on technology

It controls all of our lives. From our phones to our laptops, we just can’t seem to get away from it. But in 2020, you can decide to do that. Don’t spend so much time browsing social media or watching the latest Netflix show.

The more you avoid it, the more you’ll realize you’re really not missing out on much being off of social media. There’s a whole world out there filled with physical people.

Sit down and have a cup of coffee with a friend. Get more of that human interaction in your life again. You might be surprised how much that changes your mood.

6. Discover what’s meaningful to you

In the daily struggle of school, work, and other responsibilities, we tend to forget what matters to us. Taking the time to re-discover what’s meaningful to you is essential. Think about what makes you happy. What ideals are important to you?

What events in life matter to you? Knowing the answer to that might not be as hard as you think. It could be just as simple as realizing what you think about most of the time. This is one of the more necessary tips for starting minimalism.

7. Live with more purpose

Similar to discovering what’s meaningful, you should live with more purpose too. Once you know what’s meaningful, make it a point to live out your life in that way. Follow the ideals that you believe in.

Make more time for the events in life that matter to you. Living with purpose is about doing things that you believe make a difference in the world. What’s something you think you were placed on this planet to do? If you don’t know the answer to that question yet, 2020 could be your year to find that out.

8. Prioritize your health

You say it every year. “I’m going to exercise more.” “I’m going to lose weight.” Well this time, mean it. I know, easier said than done. But you can design your life in a way that keeps you committed to the journey this time. Write out a plan you’re going to follow.

Find people who are willing to hold you accountable to that plan. Speak affirmations to keep you focused and motivated on what you want to accomplish. Use images to inspire you to keep pursuing that ultimate dream body or good health you want to have.

You have so many tools around you to make this work. Use all of these tools, and see how it helps you stay in the gym past January.

9. Be in the moment more

You either worry too much about the future, or you regret too much of the past. But none of these things do anything to make you happy. Unless you really like worry or regret, which I haven’t met anyone that does yet. So instead, why not just try being in the moment more in 2020.

Take a moment to enjoy what you have around you. A comfortable bed, a roof over your head, and a lot of other things you can think to be grateful for. Be still for a moment, and just breathe in slowly. Notice the things you feel around you.

When I’m present in the moment, I’m always more relaxed, and less frustrated with life. Try it out, it might make you feel that way too.

10. Enjoy nature

There are too many studies to count on how nature gives us joy and relaxation. Why be surrounded by items in your house when you can be surrounded by trees outside. Or sand on the beach.

Whatever your preference, out of all the minimalism tips, maybe this could be what you need most. Just to get out in nature, and enjoy the beautiful world around us.

Final thoughts on these minimalism tips

All of these minimalism tips may not have focused on decluttering or organizing. But they do focus on the purpose of minimalism, which is to help you have more happiness. You don’t have to take any drastic steps by doing extreme minimalism tips.

Just take simple steps in 2020, and see how much happier you are by the end of the next year. In fact, feel free to comment again on this post December of next year. I’ll be happy to hear how your year went.

If you like, you can try these simple living tips for 2020. They’ll also help you have a simple minimalist lifestyle. If you want better finances for the new year too, learn how minimalism saves you money.

minimalism tips

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