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Decluttering Tips from a Messy MinimalistReading time: 5 mins


Yes, it’s true. I’m a messy minimalist. I got a bag I haven’t fully unpacked, papers all over my desk, clothes on my bed, and a bunch of random stuff on the floor. But why not let me give you decluttering tips anyway. Because who knows, it could be exactly what you needed.

Decluttering Anxiety

Let’s face it, you’ve been avoiding this for a while. Because you have no idea how much you’ll have to dig through. Could be 100’s of papers on your desk, clothes in your closet, and stuff crammed wherever they could fit. Not to mention all the dust and dirt you’ll have to clean and vacuum. Ugh! This could take all day and you might be completely worn out when you’re done.

I’m not helping so far, am I? Sorry, but it’s important to identify the problem first, right? Let me start giving you some advice.

Making Things Easier

Decluttering doesn’t have to be the impossible task I just painted you a picture of. You have a lot of tools you can use to make following these decluttering tips an enjoyable process for you, and get everything clutter free in no time.

Let’s play the visualizing game. I want you to close your eyes and imagine your room decluttered. What do you see? A clear desk maybe, an organized closet, a clear floor? See all of that in your mind. Feel the burden off your shoulders. The smile on your face as you lie in your bed. Take it all in for a few moments and then open your eyes.

I bet you feel a little more motivated now. You see, you have to replace the feelings of dread with feelings of excitement. Make yourself look forward to decluttering your space. Visualizing how things will be when you’re done is one way to do that. Let that vision motivate you to start working and to keep working.

Your Declutter Game Plan

So once you’ve got the motivation, I recommend you have a game plan. Some of you may be able to dive head first into it, and that’s fine. But for me (and maybe you), I need a plan, because I’ll end up standing in my room clueless about what to do first. And that’s just going to make the task feel more daunting again. So let’s have your decision already made.

How are we going to separate things? The way I would do it is by separating by value first. Find all the items you value the most and put them in a pile. Once you have that out of the way, you can see what it is you need to start removing from your space. If they’re some items you still find yourself debating, create a “maybe” pile for those things and get back to them. Once you’ve trashed your “clutter” pile, you have to make a decision on that “maybe” pile. It’s hard, it’s tough, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


The fear of missing out. That’s why those limited time offers keep taking your money. It’s the same thing with your stuff. You might be afraid that when you get rid of something you’re going to miss out on it. When I have those feelings in different situations I do 4 things.

1. I remind myself, “I have more than enough”. You can say it in your mind and say it out loud. Repeat it to yourself over and over. You’ll develop a mindset that helps you worry less about not having enough.

2. Look at the stuff you’re already keeping. Touch it. Think about all the joy and meaning you’re going to keep having from those things. You’ve got plenty of stuff to keep you enjoying life.

3. Remember this, if you do end up missing what you tossed out, you can always rent or borrow that item from someone else. You don’t have to buy it again.

4. Lastly, people > things. As long as you have people in your life who you enjoy spending time with, that’ll always make up for whatever you think you’ll miss out on.

Make Decluttering Enjoyable

So we’ve gotten our motivation, we’ve gotten our game plan, and we’re ready to deal with the fear of missing out syndrome.

How about some music? When I have a task I need to get done, I like music that relaxes me. It makes me feel more able to do things. You might prefer more energizing music, like Pop or Motown. That’s great! Because if you’re making the process fun, then you’ll associate doing these decluttering tips with fun. That’ll make you dread it less in the future.

Don’t stop there. Make decluttering fun for all your senses. Do you have a favorite scent you like? Get that smell in the room. For touch, wear some comfortable clothes. Heck, wear nothing at all (please make sure your shades are closed). Taste; enjoy one of your favorite meals before you start and get a good snack in between to pick your energy back up. Sight; let some sunshine in the room (that is, if you chose not to be naked).

But all of this to say, make decluttering a completely enjoyable experience, and it’ll feel way less like a chore, and possibly even your new favorite thing to do! 🙂

It Will All Be Worth It

Getting started may be the hardest part for some of you. If it is, just think of the easiest task you can possibly do. Do that one task, and then it might feel easier for you to do another one. Then another one. And before you know it, your room is decluttered. Practicing these decluttering tips won’t just be a one time thing, but just remember that you’re creating a space that relaxes and energizes you to go get the best out of life. That makes it worth whatever hassle it takes to do it.


  1. Great tips, thank you! “There is always enough” is one of my favorite affirmations.

    • Eric Eric

      Hi Katrina. Thanks! That affirmation is one of my favorites too. Glad you enjoyed the article.

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