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Christian Minimalism: Would God Want You To Be a Minimalist?Reading time: 4 mins

Christian minimalism

Is there such a thing as Christian minimalism? If you’re a Christian, you probably wonder whether minimalism lines up with the faith. You strive to make sure that Jesus is the center of everything you do. So you may have concerns if minimalism takes too much of your focus off of Jesus. But you’d be surprised to learn that being minimalist reflects many of the same teachings in the Bible.

What is Christian minimalism?

Christian minimalism can be defined much the same way regular minimalism is defined. It’s a conscious choice to have more of what’s it’s important to you, and less of what’s not. For Christians, that means focusing more on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s choosing to spend more time living out your faith and reading your Bible. This would be what defines Christian minimalism

Are there examples of Christian minimalism in the Bible?

Believe it or not, the very first Christians in the Bible made choices that look similar to what minimalists do today. In Acts 2:45, it gives a description of Christians selling their property and possessions and sharing them with each other. You could almost say this sounds like extreme minimalism, But this act of people selling their items and sharing with one another is an example of focusing on more important things. Focusing on higher ideals such as charity, unity, and above all faith. Exactly what minimalism would support.

What would Christian decluttering look like?

Christian decluttering would reflect getting rid of things that distract you from God. Perhaps getting rid of things that tempt you to sin a lot. For example, you could get rid of movies that feature content that would cause you to lust. You could limit your internet browsing by blocking websites that would lead you to sinful thoughts or actions. Once you get rid of these things, you’ll have an easier time focusing less on sin, and more on God.

Should Christians have minimalist churches?

The issue of church size gets debated a lot within Christian cultures. With the rise of megachurches, one could wonder if it’s possible for a church to be too big. Much of the first church gatherings among Christians were done in houses. There were just a few people that got together to sing songs to God and hear readings of the Word. In a way, churches were kind of more minimalist during Biblical times than they are now. Is it better that way? That’s for you to decide. But we can agree it’s important for church gatherings to focus on worship of God and reading the Word, much like was done in the Bible.

Is minimalism Christian?

Minimalism can be a good thing for Christians to practice. As long as it doesn’t get more focus than your faith, it can be a great thing to practice. It shouldn’t always matter more to you whether you’re following Biblical ideals rather than minimalist ideals. While some teachings of minimalism line up with the Bible, others might not. The emphasis of the Minimalist documentary was about finding one’s own personal happiness and peace. Instead, as a Christian, you should replace that ideal with focusing on finding your happiness and peace in God.

How to become a minimalist God’s way

Beyond getting rid of items that cause you to sin, you should focus more on getting items that God desires of you. Read your Bible and study what Christians did to please God. Pray to God for wisdom and guidance in doing the activities that He would desire of you. If you do all of these things, you’ll not only succeed in the lifestyle of minimalism, you’ll live in a way that pleases God and reflects your Christian faith.


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Christian minimalism

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