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7 Crappy Situations in Life That Don’t Have to Break YouReading time: 6 mins

7 difficult Situations in Life That Don’t Have to Break You

To put it mildly, crap happens. But no matter what you’re going through in life, you’re always going to be okay. That’s what you have to tell yourself everyday. Half the battle of hard times is not letting them keep you down. Don’t let these 7 crappy situations in life break you.

1. Breakups

One minute you’re happy with someone and the next minute they leave you. Had a college sweetheart do that to me. Was I sad? Of course! But I didn’t stay sad, and you shouldn’t either. Why would you let one person have that much power over your happiness?

Think about it, do you really want your ex to control how you feel more than you? I didn’t think so.

So you have to take action. For me, I wrote songs after my breakup. I talked to people about life and had some laughs. After you do different things to heal, you get back up, and have fun meeting new people again. And eventually, like I did, you can find someone to love again.

You know how many different people are walking around in this world? 7.7 billion…with a B, Trust me, your ex ain’t that special. Now I look back 7 years ago and think to myself, it was probably for the best.

2. Debt

We put too much stress on ourselves about money. Yeah, no one wants to end up broke, but if you go broke, you’ve still got options.

How many of you would ask your family for help? Or your friends? To those of you who say no because of your pride, let me get this straight. You’d rather be homeless and on the streets, than ask for money to stay on your feet and be able to get your act together?

I’m tired of people acting like asking for help is something to be ashamed of. And if it’s not family or friends, there’s government assistance, non-profit organizations, and many other options that exist to help us.

If you go broke, you go broke, but broke won’t break you. People are out there who can and will help you. Don’t be ashamed to ask,

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3. Unemployment

Having a job isn’t just about money, it’s about purpose too. When you’re unemployed, you start to feel useless. You start to feel like you’re not good enough. But your worth isn’t determined by somebody hiring you. It’s only determined by you!

Use the time to invest in your passions. If you like to write, make a blog. If you like to draw, create some drawings. Show off your skills somewhere and who knows, it might get you a job. Unemployment is an opportunity to do what you really want with your life.

4. Homelessness

No beating around the bush here. homelessness would definitely suck, But again, in life, there’s always a way. Shelters, food banks, food stamps, government assistance, job assistance, etc. What’s going to assist you most is your attitude.

You can be pissed off, depressed, and make the whole experience more painful. You don’t want to do that. What you need to do is be positive and motivated to do all you can to get yourself back up, and never end up there again. It’s the only way you’ll win in that situation.

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5. Divorce

You devote all those years to one person only for it to explode in your face. On top of that, you’re going broke paying off lawyers, and you’re going through hell to figure out who’s gonna get the kids. But don’t let it break you!

Let the divorce be a reminder of what you don’t want in a partner, and let it be a lesson in how you can be better in your next relationship. Devote yourself to being the best co-parent to your kids. You can either let this grow you up or blow you up. Choose the former, and you’ll have more happiness than you’ve ever had in your life.

6. Getting Sick/Injured/Old

Health problems are the worst. They slow you down and make life harder than it should be. And as we get older, our bodies change, and we wonder why we can’t move around like we used to.

But when I got my health problems, I wasn’t gonna just sit down and take it. I changed my habits from junk food to plant foods. From sitting down all day to walking more. From out of control emotions to becoming calmer and more mindful through yoga and meditation.

If you want to feel good, you have to live healthy. It’s that simple. Especially if you’re young-ish like me, don’t waste the good years your body has left. Build your health up now, feel good for the rest of your life.

7. Death of a Loved One

This is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you. We’re all going to deal with this one day. There’s no one answer to handling the death of a loved one. I can’t speak for the dead, but for myself, I’d want everybody that loves me to move on quickly, get back up and go enjoy their lives in honor of me. Maybe the person you’ve lost felt the same too.

What was that thing they always encouraged you to do? Now’s your time to do it, and you can make your loved ones you’ve lost proud. Let your loved one’s death inspire you to do more in life and live happier than you ever have before.

Nothing Can Break You

Bad situations in life never have to break you. As long as you’re breathing and as long as you can still move, your bad situations in life can be temporary. I don’t know about you guys, but I just have this feeling every time life pushes against me, I want to push back 10 times harder.

When situations in life push you down, get up and push back harder. Then stand tall and be happy.

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